Digital Intake Forms

Patients don’t want clipboards and PDFs to complete their patient intake forms. Mend allows your customers to click a link from your website or via text/email message to complete all their forms digitally from any device and in any language.


Smart Patient Engagement

Mend Intake FormsOur customers average 80% engagement rates with Mend digital medical intake forms and some groups are as high as 98%. Patient portals see single digit engagement rates. Mend can automate the majority of your digital patient intake forms creating massive reductions in overhead and errors.

  • 5-14% of patients use their patient portal to complete online intake forms
  • 5.1% of medical intake forms come back via the mail
  • Only 9% of patients answer their phone
  • Healthcare apps are only used 2% of the time for online patient intake forms

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Everything You Need in a Medical Intake Form

Your exact medical forms are custom built into the Mend platform. Based on the type of appointment, Mend knows which patient forms to send. The patient clicks a secure link via text/email and completes the online patient intake forms effortlessly before they arrive. The online intake forms and data then get sent automatically to the EHR. The future has arrived, and your patients are going to rave about it.

Doctor Working Between Tablet and Computer

Integrate with Your EHR / PMS

Mend connects with all the major EHRs or those that support HL7, API, or SFTP. If your charting system doesn’t support integrations, we can leverage fax interfaces or other methods to move the electronic patient intake forms to the chart. Mend has very robust integration capabilities to create an efficient workflow for staff.

Mend can grab appointments and appointment types from the EHR automatically and send out the appropriate patient intake forms, clinical assessments, surveys, and more. Once the patient completes the online intake forms, we can put them right into the chart. It’s a seamless workflow that patients and staff will enjoy.

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Everything Else You’ll Need or Want

Our form designers create beautiful online patient forms for you. Hand us the paper and our experts will digitize them in any language. In the case of an interruption, forms save automatically so patients can come back without losing data. Links, kiosk mode, or multi-party forms provide robust workflows for staff, unlike any other platform. Forms can also set patient statuses automatically if you want to track various pipeline stages through your processes. Finally, you’ll also have access to secure messaging, intelligent reporting, instant technical support for patients and staff and so much more.

Patient Self Scheduling Appointment

#1 Customer Rated for Ease-Of-Use

Mend is a push model that uses your appointments to put the patient intake forms you need right into the patient’s inbox (text or email). Your patients will click a secure link, enter their date-of-birth, and then proceed into a dynamic experience that is effortless to complete their electronic patient intake forms. It’s an entirely frictionless systems that your customers AND staff will love.

Person Filling out Online Form

Branded Experience

With our patent-pending technology that is both secure and HIPAA compliant, Mend intake forms are also easy-to-use. The entire electronic patient forms experience will have your company name, logo, and even color scheme to match your brand guidelines.

Mend can provide secure hyperlinks to patient medical forms or patient self-scheduling. Adding a button hyperlink to your website is a very fluid experience for the user because our platform matches your branding.

Sending Email Via Button

Send Almost Anything

Almost any content or medical form you can think of can be turned into a secure link on your website or sent to someone’s inbox. The following are some examples: videos, referrals, orders, leads, demographics, insurance, credit card, agreements & consents (e-signature & multi-signature forms), medical histories, satisfaction surveys, treatment plans, income verification, photos, or any other digital content. Introduce patients to your practice, train or educate them on policies and procedures, or anything else you can dream up.

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Preferred Language of Care

Translate intake paperwork to present digital forms to patients in their preferred language of care. Current languages offered: Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Haitian Creole, Nepali, Portuguese, Spanish

#1 Instant Patient & Staff Patient Intake Form Support

Mend is #1 customer rated for ease-of-use and customer service. With an average response time of 23 seconds, you, staff, or patients can get instant support early in the morning to late at night.

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