Digital Intake Forms

Patients don’t want clipboards and PDFs to complete their patient intake forms. Mend allows your customers to click a link from your website or via text/email message to complete all their forms digitally from any device and in any language.


#1 HIPAA Compliant Patient Intake & Digital Forms

Mend Intake FormsWith Mend, customers average 80% engagement rates with their digital patient intake forms resulting in a massive reduction in overhead and errors.

  • TextBased Patient Engagement
  • The #1 HIPAA Secure Digital Patient Intake Form
  • Engagement Rates As High As 98%
  • Managed Patient Care Through A Robust Reporting System
  • Easy Options For Implementing and Training Staff
  • Instant Customer Support

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Say Goodbye to Repetitive Paperwork

Mend helps you keep your focus where it needs to be — with your patients. Our HIPAA-compliant intake software automates your administrative processes, saving you time and increasing site productivity.


Automated Appointment Reminders

The Mend system tracks all your appointments. When an appointment comes up, Mend will automatically contact your clients using SMS, email and voice messages so their treatment remains at the forefront of their minds. These appointment reminders alone can decrease no-show rates by up to 20%.

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EHR-Integrated Forms

Digital intake forms are a necessity in telehealth, and with Mend, you can send them to your clients far ahead of their appointment time. Based on the type of appointment they’re scheduled for, Mend will send the proper paperwork for them to fill out, including pre-built screeners like PHQ-9 and customized behavioral health assessments. It will even pull data from the client’s file to auto-fill any information available.

Once complete, assessments can be white-labeled and integrated into your EHR. Mend will score the assessments and, where needed, take further action to highlight potential concerns. 

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Integrated Self-Scheduling

When your patients can make appointments on their own schedule, they’re 50% more likely to show up to their appointments. Mend allows clients to make appointments based on provider, treatment type, time and more, ensuring a personalized experience that fits their busy schedules.

Patient Self Scheduling Appointment

Your Top Internal Medicine Telehealth Platform

At Mend, we believe getting mental health care should be easy. Our system is fully accessible to anyone with an internet connection — no apps or downloads required. Our 99% connection rate speaks for itself. 

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Integrates With Your EHR

  • All Major EHRs Supported 
  • Easy, Software-Free Technology
  • Multi-Device Compatibility
  • WorldClass Customer Service
  • Effortless Implementation & Training
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Our Telemedicine Platform Can Help You…

  • Decrease no-show rates and program drop-outs
  • Reduce manual data entry and increase provider capacity
  • Eliminate inefficiencies that affect profit
  • Improve the patient experience
  • Accept new patients online through digital client intake forms
  • Minimize administrative bottleneck
  • Evaluate client intake forms and assessments digitally
  • Collect patient surveys using NPS, HCAHPS, HOS, CAHPS, HEDIS and more
  • Work with government programs, including ACOs, MIPS, APMs and MACRA
  • Improve outcomes at reduced costs
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Preferred Language of Care

Translate intake paperwork to present digital forms to patients in their preferred language of care. Current languages offered: Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Haitian Creole, Nepali, Portuguese, Spanish

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Mend’s HIPAA-compliant digital intake forms make check-ins easier and save time for your clients and staff alike. In a mental health treatment center, this extra time can be invaluable, allowing you to help more people and apply your complete focus to every case. See how Mend handles automatic intakes and digital form filing when you request your demo today.

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