HIPAA-Compliant Group Video Conferencing

Thanks to innovations in telehealth, mental health providers have more ways than ever to reach clients while following guidelines by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). Mend’s HIPAA-compliant group video conferencing allows you to conduct safe and secure virtual group counseling sessions.

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Facilitate Secure Group Therapy Sessions With Mend

Using telehealth to manage group therapy can be a huge task. Mend simplifies the process. No need to download yet another app. 

Our HIPAA-compliant platform delivers simple and seamless video conferencing. Customers can easily launch Mend software from their own devices. Knowing that virtual group sessions are secure and convenient can boost attendance and enhance your clients’ overall group therapy experience. 

Mend also provides simple group scheduling and appointment reminders so your clients meet at a time that works for everyone.

Let’s explore how each feature of our HIPAA-compliant video conferencing software can benefit your virtual group therapy sessions.

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Secure Group Session Video Conferencing

More and more therapy is happening virtually. Telehealth sessions can boost attendance for group members with busy schedules or those who find it challenging to make appointment times. That’s why Mend created a HIPAA-compliant group video conferencing platform that’s effortless for patients and providers. 

Clients click a link, input their date of birth, and are connected with the group. Providers click “Start Visit” to connect to their patients. Bandwidth requirements are minimal for all connected parties. Clients don’t need to download another new app to participate. They can enter and exit as needed, and the clear picture quality allows group members to see each other, communicate effectively, and connect. It doesn’t get any easier than Mend. 

Completing Online Group Paperwork

Streamlined Group Scheduling Process

Getting everyone in your group on the same scheduling system can be very difficult. Our scheduling tool allows you to create and manage single-group events and recurring sessions easily and efficiently. This feature streamlines the scheduling process, allowing clients to input their availability and find an ideal appointment time for the group. Providers can add or remove patients to the groups as needed.

Mend patient reminders use multiple touches, like smart texts, calls, and emails, to eliminate the possibility that group members miss appointments. Just another way to improve your group therapy engagement.

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Convenient Group Session 


Mend eliminates the clipboard and pen for obtaining patient health information. Once group appointments are set up in Mend, digital forms can be sent out automatically. This information is stored securely and in compliance with the strictest health care regulations.

Patients love the convenience of sending forms digitally. Your staff will love that information moves automatically into the client’s electronic health record (EHR).

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100% HIPAA-Compliant Video Conferencing

Mental health care clients must feel safe that their sensitive information will remain private. Mend is completely secure, confidential, and HIPAA compliant.

From our video conferencing platform to our electronic patient intake forms, you can rest assured that everything a client shares will remain private and protected. Mend also adheres to other compliance standards, including:

  • SOC 2 Type 2 based on HITRUST
  • The HITECH Act
  • The E-Sign Act
  • ADA 
  • WCAG 2.0
  • PCI
  • TCPA
  • 42 CFR Part 2 

Start Using Mend for Group Video Sessions at Your Practice

Engagement is everything in group therapy — especially in telehealth. Your top priority should be ensuring every member of the group has access and can seamlessly participate. Mend makes it easy to keep virtual group therapy sessions active and accessible. Request a demo to learn how Mend can benefit your group telehealth programs.