Patient Self-Scheduling

A telehealth scheduling system makes it quicker and more convenient for patients to modify their appointments 24/7/365. With patient self-scheduling software, your practice can expect a reduction in no-shows and instant growth in revenue.


Mend Patient Scheduling on PhonePatients Want Self-Scheduling

77% of patients surveyed want online patient appointment self-scheduling. 89% are going to choose their healthcare organization based on conveniences like texting, self-scheduling, and rescheduling.

You haven’t offered self-scheduling yet because you haven’t seen a solution that accounts for all the decision points staff have to go through to book the patient appropriately. You also want it to be easy for patients to navigate and fully integrated with your EHR/PMS schedule.

Well, we have good news for you. HIPAA compliant self-scheduling for patients is now integrated, easy, and accounts for all decisions staff needs to make to get the patient to the right provider, location, and appointment type. When patients can self-schedule, they are 50% less likely to no-show.

Mend integrated patient self-scheduling can account for all of the decision trees staff uses today to get the patient booked to the right provider and appointment type.

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Telehealth Provides Feature-Rich Patient Appointment Scheduling

Use Mend to put your services on your customer’s smartphones and digital devices. Monday through Friday from 9 AM to 5 PM is only 40 hours or 24% of a given week. Make it easy for patients to do business all 168 hours of any week with a HIPAA compliant patient medical appointment scheduler.

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Prefer self-scheduling

Patient Self-Schedules From Your Website

Patients click a link on your website which routes them to a custom branded, fully integrated triage and self-scheduling experience. With the most robust medical self-scheduling tool on the planet, Mend’s medical office scheduling will route patients to the correct time, type, and provider.

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Triage Scheduling

Your staff has many decision points to consider when performing medical office scheduling. They consider insurance, provider availability and specialization, appointment complexity, geography, age, and more when finding an open slot. Mend integrates the master schedule from your EHR or PMS and utilizes advanced technology to make these decision points easy. Patients can select their appointment effortlessly and Mend can sync the medical appointment calendar and master schedule automatically. It’s like magic.


Appointment Types

Mend can handle any appointment type currently available on your medical appointment scheduler. Appointment types can have varying lengths, complexities, etc. Appointment types can be in-person, kiosk, virtual / telemedicine, messaging, phone, or home.

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If you make it easy for patients to modify their medical appointment calendar, expect another 2-8% reduction in no-show rates. For a 30 provider practice averaging $74 per visit, that’s at least $560,000 in new revenue.

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Much, Much More

Mend has all the other features necessary to complement patient self-scheduling. Additional features include appointment reminders, digital paperwork, telemedicine, post-visit surveys, bulk notifications, messaging visits, recalls, patient status, payment capture, reporting, and more.

A woman wearing a headset, sitting at a desk with a laptop.#1 Instant Patient & Staff Appointment Scheduling Support

Mend is #1 customer rated for ease-of-use and customer service. With an average response time of 23 seconds, you, staff, or patients can get instant support early in the morning or late at night.

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