Patient Self-Scheduling

Patient self-scheduling ensures your clients have timely access to the mental health care services you provide. Mend is a convenient patient engagement platform. Our telehealth scheduling system makes it quick and simple for clients to modify their appointments — from their own device, any time. 

With Mend patient self-scheduling software, your practice can experience a reduction in no-shows and a boost in revenue.


Mend Patient Scheduling on Phone

Mend Client Scheduling System Solutions

Place your therapeutic service front and center on your clients‘ smartphones and digital devices with Mend. Scheduling takes a lot of administrative time and resources. Mend takes the boundaries off this essential feature and puts your services into your clients’ hands. Say goodbye to nine-to-five scheduling and make it easy for clients to schedule a therapy session at any time from anywhere. No need to download yet another app. 

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Convenient Self-Scheduling From Your Website

With a click, a link on your website puts the power in your clients’ hands with an easy-to-use self-scheduling experience. Mend’s custom-branded solution is the most robust mental health care self-scheduling tool on the planet. Patients are seamlessly directed to choose a time, appointment type, and preferred provider. 

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Prefer self-scheduling

EHR Integration With Your Master Schedule

Your staff has many decision points to consider when performing medical office scheduling. When finding an open slot, they consider insurance, provider availability and specialization, appointment complexity, geography, age, and more. Mend integrates the master schedule from your practice management software (PMS) or electronic health record (EHR) and utilizes advanced technology to make these decision points easy. 

Clients can effortlessly select their appointments, and Mend syncs the medical appointments with the master schedule automatically. It’s like magic.

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Handles All Appointment Types

Mend can handle even the most complex appointment types, allowing your clients to choose the exact type of mental health care service they need. Appointment types can vary in length and complexity. From in-person counseling to telehealth group sessions, Mend integrates with any appointment type currently available on your medical appointment scheduler. 


Simple Rescheduling Options

Clients who can easily modify their medical appointment calendar are far less likely to skip out. Mend’s self-scheduling solution can reduce your rate of no-shows by 2% to 8%. For a 30provider practice averaging $74 per visit, that’s at least $560,000 in new revenue.

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Complement Self-Scheduling With Even More Features

Mend has all the other features necessary to complement your convenient patient self-scheduling. Additional features include:

  • Appointment reminders
  • Digital paperwork
  • Secure telehealth
  • Post-visit surveys
  • Bulk notifications
  • Messaging visits
  • Recalls
  • Patient status
  • Payment capture
  • Reporting
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The Benefits of Patient Self-Scheduling

When choosing a patient engagement solution, you need an option that accounts for all the decision points your staff goes through to book clients appropriately. You also want it to be fully integrated with your EHR/PMS schedule. Clients want it to be easy to use.

Mend provides HIPAA-compliant, easy-to-use self-scheduling for patients. It integrates with your system to ensure clients choose the right provider, location, and appointment type. 

How can self-scheduling benefit your mental health practice?

  • Effective resource management: By removing the administrative burden of scheduling, you can free your team for more critical tasks.
  • Reduced scheduling errors: Scheduling errors like double booking or incorrect patient information can lead to some embarrassing moments. Mend’s self-scheduling seamlessly integrates with your EHR and master calendar to reduce the risk of scheduling mistakes.
  • Empowered patients: When clients have more control and flexibility, they’re typically more likely to seek out your health care services.
  • Increased satisfaction: The ease of self-scheduling contributes to a more positive patient experience.
  • Reduced no-show: When clients can self-schedule, they are often less likely to skip an appointment.

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Find out More About Mend’s Patient Self-Scheduling Solution

Boost your reputation for patient convenience and help reduce your practice’s no-show rate with an integrated self-scheduling solution from Mend. Mend complements the mental health care space with solutions uniquely designed for this specialty. Want to see this online solution in action? Schedule a demo today. 

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