Patient Appointment Reminders

Patient no-shows result in massive amounts of lost revenue every year for mental health practices. Mend patient appointment reminders eliminate the possibility that your clients will forget their appointments. Smart texts, emails, reminder calls — these gentle touches boost patient engagement and help put an end to no-shows.


The Importance of Smart Patient EngagementWoman Receiving Appointment Reminder on Phone

Every therapy session or appointment should start with a reminder. This touchpoint begins the engagement process.

Mental and behavioral health providers understand the importance of engagement. Active clients feel more involved and safe in the therapeutic journey. They are often more likely to participate, which can lead to better patient outcomes. In the mental health space, it’s crucial to facilitate connection. But navigating engagement can be difficult, especially If they don’t show up.

Mend simplifies client appointment reminders with smart patient engagement solutions — no additional app required.

Practically speaking, no-shows can put a considerable financial strain on your mental health care practice. Mend’s easy-to-use portal allows clients to receive a reminder, click a link, and modify their appointment time from the convenience of their device.

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Client Appointment Solutions for Mental Health Providers

Convenience is a huge draw for clients looking for a mental health provider. Practices that integrate convenient patient appointment solutions with a smart patient reminder system can reap the rewards.


Automated Appointment Reminders Via Phone, Text, or Email

Mend sorts through and pulls contact information from your EHR to look up phone numbers or emails. It then sends automatic appointment reminders to nudge your clients with the date and time of the appointment, your address, and which provider they will be seeing.

Woman Using Phone to Reschedule Appointment

Appointment Reminder Features

Your patient reminders are fully branded to your practice. Mend includes all the features you’ve been seeking, like

  • Custom from, reply to, and reminder content
  • Post-visit surveys
  • Bulk notifications
  • HIPAA-secure messaging
  • Recalls
  • Calendar invites
  • Multiple languages
  • Location address to Google Maps
Stethoscope Next to Doctor Using Tablet

Convenient Cancellation and Rescheduling 

One of the best methods of reducing no-show rates is to make it easy for clients to modify their appointments. Clients can click a link, input their date of birth, and change their appointment to a more convenient time. No app required.

Happy woman in headband and sweater looking at phone screen


Less likely to no-show

Simple EHR/PMS Integration

Mend connects effortlessly with all the major EHRs. Mend can use EHR information to send the right forms to your patients beforehand. If a client cancels or reschedules, Mend automatically updates the master schedule in the EHR. 

A focused man wearing headphones is diligently working on his laptop, fully engrossed in his tasks.

Simple Patient Self-Scheduling

Self-scheduling is the perfect complement to Mend’s client appointment reminders for mental health providers. Our self-scheduling tool is integrated, easy to use, and ensures your patients get the right appointment type at the right location to the right provider. Clients who self-schedule are often more likely to show up, reducing no-show rates at your practice.

A woman sitting at a desk, typing on a laptop computer.

Paperwork Sent Automatically

All needed medical forms are integrated into the Mend platform. Along with appointment reminders, digital forms can be sent automatically via text message or email based on appointment type from your schedule. As forms come in, Mend automatically inputs them into a client’s chart.

A woman happily working on her laptop with a headset on.

The Benefits of Mend Appointment Reminders

Mend is a top customer-rated telehealth patient engagement platform. We are second to none for ease-of-use and customer service. With an average response time of 23 seconds, you, your staff, and your clients can get instant support early in the morning or late at night.

Clients love the convenience of Mend’s appointment reminders. You’ll love the instant revenue growth from the reduction in no-shows. Our app-free platform provides undeniable benefits:

  • 90% patient engagement rate
  • Automatic mobile number lookup with text reminder services
  • Easy rescheduling 
  • Integration with your electronic health record (EHR) and practice management software (PMS)
  • SMS and email notifications in clients’ preferred language of care

Bring Mend’s Intuitive Patient Appointment Reminders to Your Practice

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