Automated Patient Payments

As hybrid care models gain in popularity with patients, behavioral and mental healthcare organizations need solutions to capture client responsibility for both in-person and virtual visits, before and after the visit occurs.


Automated Patient Payments

Mental health centers often deal with patients who may find making phone calls and working with your billing team challenging. As hybrid care models continue to rise in popularity throughout all areas of health care, behavioral health centers have a unique opportunity to make life easier for their clients while simultaneously improving payment and retention rates. 

Still, a patient payment portal that is not automated or integrated into your point of sale (POS) can create a lot of manual work for staff and is likely to result in uncollected payments or significant delays in accounts receivables.

The solution here is Mend, a leader in patient engagement and telehealth. We solved these issues by creating a comprehensive online check-in and payment center suitable for in-person and digital experiences — all with no app required.

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Average no-show rate

Payments For Any Patient and Any Type Of Visit

Modern patients expect modern technology, and that means digital invoices, online therapy payments and billing automation post-appointment. Mend is your complete payment and patient engagement solution — your clients understand the easy-to-use interface, and your facility receives payment for rendered services in a timely manner.

With Mend, you can choose how your clients pay and when they do so. Open up your facility to accepting dozens of mental health payment solutions before or after every appointment, and keep all information in order through our practice management system.

“The decrease in administrative workloads coupled with staff’s rapid acceptance would have been significant on its own but when you add in the improvement in client satisfaction with the platform there is no comparison.“- Kevin P.

Instant Patient Billing Post Adjudication

Post-Adjudication Patient Billing

Mend will automatically update a patient when it detects a positive balance post-adjudication to encourage billing or form completion, which then gets documented automatically.

Patient Co-Pays

Automate Patient Co-Pays

In-person and virtual visits have the option to check in digitally through Mend, allowing payment and form processing to start automatically. This billing automation allows clients to focus less on their payments and more on the treatment they come to you for.

Patients Quickly Pay Post Visit

Patients Quickly Pay Post-Visit

Following a new patient’s first visit, Mend allows them to register a card so they can be billed automatically. If they prefer to pay manually, they can also wait for their digital invoice. Clients will get a secure email or SMS link to follow where they can conveniently make their payment, this time and every visit after.


Provide an Easy, Modern Experience Patients Will Rave About

In an oversaturated health care landscape, every advantage you can give your clients matters. By streamlining the payment process and eliminating the need to download another app, you can set yourself apart as an organization that makes getting mental health care an effortless experience. Your clients will be so impressed by the ease of registration and payment that you’ll become their go-to recommendation.


Eliminate Manual Labor

Paying staff to collect co-pays or chase patient balances after a visit is time-consuming and expensive. Selling uncollected payments to debt collectors for pennies on the dollar is expensive and aggravates patients. Mend’s system helps eliminate or reduce your need for these processes, resulting in happier staff and more satisfied customers.

Patient Payment Support

Instant Provider & Patient Payment Support

Mend is the peoples’ choice for an easy-to-use mental health payment solution. Our customer support is unmatched — we boast an astounding 23-second average response time 24 hours a day.

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Conditions like anxiety, depression, ADHD and more can make patient responsibilities like co-pays, self-payments and rectifying outstanding balances more challenging to maintain. You do everything you can in your practice to make your patients’ lives more fulfilling and easier to navigate — why not do the same with your mental health payment solutions?

Mend’s digital invoices and automatic payment options can help your clients and your staff stay on top of more. Ready to start using Mend in your practice? Request a demo and see how it performs in realistic situations.

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