The Interface Features Your Telehealth Solution Must Have in Behavioral Health

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The Interface Features Your Telehealth Solution Must Have in Behavioral Health

Watch our webinar to learn what interface features providers in Behavioral Health should demand from their telehealth and patient engagement platforms, including a live demo of some of the more popular features.

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The rise of telehealth in behavioral health has been rapid and should now be considered mainstream. However, even with the widespread acceptance of telehealth services, not all telehealth behavioral solutions are created equal. Join J.D. McFarland, Solution Architect at Mend, for a discussion on which telehealth interface features are integral for modern behavioral health organizations, including a live demo of the features being used on a platform.

See how providers can easily assign assessments, collect digital signatures and communicate with patients during virtual visits.

Cameras, stethoscopes, or any other remote peripheral should be supported by your telehealth platform regardless of the manufacturer. Learn why.

In an ever-expanding community healthcare providers must first be able to communicate with their patients. What is the solution for language barriers?

Many providers depend on recording of visits, but does your platform do this in a HIPAA compliant manner? Learn how to find this out and why it’s important.


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