Solving Healthcare’s Great Resignation in 2022

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Solving Healthcare’s Great Resignation in 2022

The American healthcare workforce is quitting to the tune of 3% every month, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Watch this webinar as we analyze why this is happening and identify key solutions so your organization can better navigate the challenging times brought on by the “great resignation.”

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What is Healthcare’s Great Resignation?

It may be frustrating but there is no one answer to the question, what is healthcare’s great resignation? A recent survey of healthcare workers found that while many feel hopeful about the future of healthcare, nearly half are burned out or anxious about the state of the industry.

Likewise, there is not a single root cause to healthcare’s great resignation and thus, the solution must be multi-faceted. Watch Matt McBride, CEO at Mend, as he helps you create or validate a winning strategy for combating healthcare’s great resignation for your organization.

Why are healthcare’s amazing heroes leaving in droves?

How to recognize the signs and empower healthcare staff

Explore what the data says about healthcare burnout and how to solve for it


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