Remember Your EMR launch? Implementing Telemedicine Is Much Easier!

Remember Your EMR launch? Implementing Telemedicine Is Much Easier!

Implementing Telemedicine Is Much Easier

One of the most common hesitations that we hear from practices and large organization is that software is too hard to implement and their last rollout was a nightmare. They don’t want to put their staff through that again. It’s easily the most frequent objection to technology from people who are interested but unsure.

And you know what? That makes perfect sense. Historically, software implementations have been difficult on staff and providers. They are long, arduous processes that manage important patient records, and they have to be managed properly to ensure that patient records are accessible despite the huge shift in platforms.

We know what a traditional software rollout is like. There are long training sessions with employees from all different departments. The software may be cumbersome or complicated to use, and it might have been difficult to get it off the ground to begin with. Often, tools don’t work correctly the first time, or they have steep learning curves. The process is difficult and can throw an entire, well-organized staff into chaos.

Oh, and the tools are expensive and frequently difficult to use?

Mend is a totally different experience.

Mend deals with fewer patient medical records than your EMR, so there is less involved in setting up. While the platform remains fully HIPAA compliant and secure, but the setup process is significantly less arduous.

Mend was designed for ease of use. Our goal was to make a robust, secure, intuitive communication platform that can have staff trained in minutes with secure methods that still allow handling of limited patient records.

By building a web-based solution, we eliminated the need for software installations. Unlike your patient EMR or portal, it’s a simple addition to your daily routine.

Our WebRTC architecture ensures the best connection on the least amount of bandwidth.

The flexibility of our system guarantees that telehealth software will work on any device with an internet connection, camera and microphone.

Form completion requires only an Internet connection. Those patient records are securely managed in Mend and then transferred to the EMR through a number of integration options.

We work alongside your existing workflow, so you don’t have to start from scratch.

Our training team is available to show you how to use the system, answer any questions and support you through your roll out. We build your information collection system from the ground up, and by not having features of an EMR, your patient medical records are always retained in a single place.

We have implementation specialists who will help you design your workflow and share best practices so you can skip the pitfalls.

And we offer complimentary, unlimited in-house support to patients, staff and providers to ensure that questions get answered and help is offered when needed.

No support contracts.

No complicated software to learn

No trying to provide technical support to your patients or staff.

Mend is unlike any other software that you’ve implemented in your practice. Our approach, architecture and availability set us apart.

Improved communication is the future of healthcare. The Mend experience is drastically different from your previous software implementations, and we can work with you to ensure that your patient EMR works with Mend is the most efficient and cost-effective way for your practice.

Mend is the future of improved communication and the next generation of simplified medical software.

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