Paperwork Automation in Healthcare: What Does it Mean & How to Start?

Paperwork Automation in Healthcare: What Does it Mean & How to Start?

Paperwork Automation

Paperwork automation is easily the most flexible tool that Mend offers.

Healthcare is one of the last industries to hang on to paper forms and snail mail. Some of this retention is due to laws and regulations. For instance, healthcare providers and allied health companies are required by law to send out two paper bills to any customer who owes money to the organization. While you can also provide electronic bills, the paper is required.

That isn’t the case for most information gathered in healthcare, however. The real barrier is that the industry hasn’t found a simple, secure method for collecting information from patients. New patient forms don’t have to be on paper, but it’s been difficult to find a simple way to get electronic forms to patients without cumbersome portals that are unreliable and have high compliance rates.

Mend- a telehealth company changes that.

Mend’s robust paperwork automation solution can collect information from ANY healthcare endpoint.

The possibilities are endless, but don’t get overwhelmed.

When we work with new groups, we ask them to find a single piece of paper or one information request that, if the process of collecting it was improved, would save their office staff a considerable amount of time. Is it new patient paperwork? Insurance information collection? Patient education forms?

One of our groups was desperate to get their intake and new patient paperwork automated. Their patients have to complete new patient paperwork, financial forms, consents and more. Often, patients would sit in the waiting room for 30-40 minutes just working on completing the information. It would then have to be manually entered into the EMR while their financial paperwork was scanned in. Then, they had to be sure to return the financial documents to the patient, but the probability of it all getting lost in the shuffle was high. It was an ineffective system, but they didn’t have the technology to devise a better, less cumbersome way of supporting their patients.

That’s where we came in.

Mend digitized all of their new patient paperwork exactly to their specifications. We didn’t use templates or we didn’t require them to fit the requests into the fields that already existed. We created their forms exactly as they were on paper, and we replaced scanning documents with image and PDF uploads. They send the forms out to new patients via text message and email prior to the new patient visit. They also send out regular demographic updates for patients who have not been seen recently or who need to complete updated consents. This information can then be pushed to the EMR with our proprietary integration system.

So what can be digitized with Mend?

  • Intake paperwork
  • New patient paperwork
  • Forms
  • Insurance information collection
  • Demographic updates
  • Consents
  • Patient education
  • Patient satisfaction surveys
  • Health-risk assessments
  • Multi-party paperwork
  • Information requests
  • Records requests

And, actually, ANY form or paperwork that you need to collect from a healthcare endpoint.

What is your one pain point that, if streamlined, would save time and money for your organization?

When you identify the most important area to streamline and make more efficient, we can work with your team to build it to your specifications, develop your customized workflow, implement into your practice and fully realize the impact of new technology. Workflow specialists are the key to a successful and painless implementation. With Mend, all of it is included in your paperwork roll out. So where would you like to start?

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