On the Mend from Burnout: Strategies & Prevention

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On the Mend from Burnout: Strategies & Prevention

Stress management is a key component to preventing burnout. But how do healthcare workers accomplish that effectively? Watch our latest webinar to discover the differences between burnout and stress, as well as the role our values plays into our own stress management.

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Strategies for Burnout Recovery and Prevention

Have you ever considered the differences between burnout, stress, compassion fatigue, and moral injury? Do you know what is the Polyvagal Theory? If you’re a healthcare worker then you should. Join Gabrielle Juliano-Villani, burnout recovery coach at SBA THRIVE Orlando, and Matt McBride, CEO & co-founder of Mend, for a discussion on the skills needed to manage stress and prevent burnout in today’s demanding world of healthcare.

Indications of burnout and its connection to physical and mental health.

They aren’t always obvious for healthcare workers.

The best tools and interventions for healthcare workers.

How our nervous system holds stress and is responsible for our emotional regulation.


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