Mend Celebrates 10 Millionth Virtual Care Appointment

Mend Celebrates 10 Millionth Virtual Care Appointment

10 Millionth Virtual Care Appointment

Mend announced today that it has supported its 10 millionth virtual care appointment on its leading patient engagement and telehealth platform. This milestone emphasizes the significant role that Mend and its partners have played in revolutionizing the way virtual care is delivered.

Launched in 2016, the Mend platform has provided healthcare organizations with technology that enables the delivery of patient-centric care across many specialties including mental health.

“We are thrilled to surpass the 10 million virtual care appointment mark, especially during Mental Health Awareness Month,” says Warren Bates, CEO of Mend. “We couldn’t have done this without the dedication and hard work of tens of thousands of healthcare professionals who use our platform to provide care to those in need. We are deeply grateful for their support and remain committed to delivering effective solutions to improve access to care.”

Mend has earned accolades from several industry

organizations. TechRadar and both recognized Mend as the “Best Telemedicine Software of 2023.” G2 and Digital both awarded Mend in their respective “Best Patient Engagement Platforms” in 2022. Additionally, Mend was honored with the “Best Patient Experience” award at the 2022 Connected Health Pulse MVP Awards. These recognitions demonstrate Mend’s dedication to delivering innovative and patient-centered solutions within the healthcare industry.

Mend’s 10 millionth virtual care appointment is a testament to the platform’s dedication to patient satisfaction and clinical outcomes. By providing convenient and accessible digital patient intake solutions, Mend has established itself as a trusted partner for both patients and providers. As virtual care becomes a larger and more critical component of the healthcare ecosystem, Mend is at the forefront, empowering patients to take control of their care journey.

About Mend

Mend partners with healthcare organizations to improve the patient experience by providing convenient access to care for everyone. The Mend approach empowers providers, staff, and patients to streamline communications through digital health solutions resulting in a better patient intake process and telehealth experience for both in-person and virtual care. By engaging patients at the right time in their care journey, Mend is able to achieve single-digit no-show rates which deliver improved clinical outcomes while driving increased revenues for the organizations it serves.

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