Why HIPAA Compliance Isn’t Enough to Protect You from Data Breaches

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Why HIPAA Compliance Isn’t Enough to Protect You from Data Breaches

Watch our webinar to see how cybersecurity is evolving with the growth of digital healthcare. Learn about the major challenges facing providers, and how you can take a proactive approach to keeping data secure.

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Providing Positive Patient Outcomes & Streamlining Operations

Healthcare organizations are one of the top targets of cyberattacks. Data breaches of all kinds can threaten providers’ ability to care for patients. How can you provide the best in patient access and virtual care without increasing the risk of exposing sensitive data?

Join J.D. McFarland, Solution Architect, for a discussion on the state of healthcare cybersecurity including major threats, consequences of data breaches, and best practices to prioritize security.

How do cyberattacks and data breaches affect healthcare providers and their patients? What are the financial consequences and the scope of impact?

Evolution of Healthcare Privacy Regulation

The rise of digital records and telehealth is moving healthcare online more than ever. What are the security implications for this new space?

Discover the tools to keep patient data secure while expanding your services. Confidence in security and convenience can go hand-in-hand.


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