How to Run Automated Primary Care Telehealth Services

Medical technology, doctor use AI robots for diagnosis, care, and increasing accuracy patient treatment in future. Medical research and development innovation technology to improve patient health.

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How to Run Automated Primary Care Telehealth Services

Watch our webinar to learn how automation and A.I. can support primary healthcare providers and staff struggling to adapt to a new support role that had not been a part of their job descriptions: providing patients with technical assistance.

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Simplifying Healthcare

Join Jessica Neyer, Vice President of Strategy at Mend, for a discussion on how telehealth services in primary care have exploded and how automation and AI will help with the new surge.

  • Why Telehealth and Why Now?
  • Who Needs Healthcare Automation
  • How Automation Helps Patients & Providers
  • How to Prepare for Healthcare Automation

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