How the Omnibus Bill Impacts 2023 Telehealth Policy

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How the Omnibus Bill Impacts 2023 Telehealth Policy

Several key telehealth policy changes were recently included in a $1.7 trillion omnibus bill. Watch our latest webinar to learn which policies were extended through 2024 and what the U.S. Congress and the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) may do once the Public Health Emergency finally ends.

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Are You Ready for the Public Health Emergency (PHE) to End in 2023?

It has become increasingly urgent for providers to start preparing themselves for the end of the COVID-19 Public Health Emergency (PHE) in 2023. Matt McBride, CEO & Co-founder of Mend, will take us through key Telehealth policy changes just passed in the $1.7 trillion dollar omnibus bill. The word in Washington is that the public health emergency is likely to end in 2023. CMS has also made several clarifications relating to telemedicine policy. Watch now to stay informed!

What’s already permanent for telemedicine in 2023?

What’s staying and what’s going?

Discover the 6 Modifiers behind the 2023 physician fee schedule.


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