19 Essentials for Highly Productive Telehealth Programs From Millions of Telemedicine Visits

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19 Essentials for Highly Productive Telehealth Programs From Millions of Telemedicine Visits

Leverage our key learnings from the past few years to help you institute and improve a telehealth program for your organization. In this guide, you will learn how to:

  • Improve your operations and telemedicine workflows
  • Navigate legal, technical, and billing hurdles
  • Identify telehealth features that matter most
  • Gain happier employees and patients

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What You Will Find Inside

This guide will review a wide range of topics, teach you how to implement a telehealth program, and arm you with free tips and checklists to help make your practice less stressful and more successful. You will see more patients, experience reduced no-show rates, and provide a smoother user experience for both patients and staff.

Do you know how to start offering telehealth? Do you have specific workflow needs? Learn how to set clear goals, develop a winning telehealth clinical protocol, and answer key operational questions. Work with a telehealth solution that can adjust to your organization’s needs, rather than trying to fit your practice in a defined box.

Are you prepared to handle regulation around telehealth? Do you know what is required from a technology standpoint? Lean in to our resources around legal considerations, telehealth SOPs, and telehealth billing basics.

Does your telehealth solution check all the boxes, or was it a temporary fix? Learn about features that you should prioritize, including reliable connectivity, patient nudges, groups, and being able to operate from a single platform without losing access to patient information or scheduling during a visit.

Do you deal with stressed and overworked employees? Are your patients feeling the impact of a disorganized and siloed solution? Learn best practices to achieve a telehealth solution built for organizations. Improve patient satisfaction with efficient communication and a better wait room experience, so you can continue reaching more patients where they are.

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