What Innovations Are On The Horizon In Telehealth

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What Innovations Are On The Horizon In Telehealth

As the field of telehealth continues to grow, there are sure to be several new and exciting innovations that will further improve the quality of care that telehealth can provide. Learn what is next in healthcare accessibility, affordability, and quality of care thanks to telehealth.

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The Future Looks Bright

The consumerization of healthcare means that patients expect to have the same level of convenience in healthcare as they do in other industries, such as banking and retail. As healthcare technology continues to advance, providers will be able to implement many workflow and clinical efficiencies that will not only improve the staff morale, but also maintain patient satisfaction.

Did you know that patients are 50% less likely to no-show when they are able to self-schedule?

AI automated reminders can bring patient no-show rates down 11 to 18%.

Soon available to a mobile device near you, capturing vital signs via a mobile device camera will tremendously impact virtual visits.

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