Solving Healthcare’s Great Resignation – Automate & Engage Patients Digitally

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Solving Healthcare’s Great Resignation – Automate & Engage Patients Digitally

America’s healthcare has amazing people that helped fight the global pandemic. The pandemic was also a catalyst for the Great Resignation, which effects many industries. America’s healthcare is especially affected, with 3% of the workforce quitting each month. Together, we’ll analyze the data to identify solutions and help your organization through these difficult times.

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Times have been tough for the health care profession, who have been experiencing an exodus of industry talent to follow various levels of professional opportunities. One reason is due to how much more paperwork and red tape healthcare workers now face. Other reasons include a loss of personal sense of accomplishment and feeling overworked. These are challenging problems for healthcare’s leaders. In this eBook we will explore solutions together!

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, healthcare workers are feeling more and more overwhelmed. Many are struggling with burnout and are feeling undervalued by their employers. Some have even resigned in hopes of finding a better situation. It’s important for employers to make sure that their employees feel valued and supported during this difficult time.

Many healthcare workers are interested in remote and hybrid work models. They perceive these models as providing more flexibility and work-life balance. Employees desire remote and hybrid work arrangements for a variety of reasons, including the ability to avoid commuting, spend more time with family, and have a greater degree of control over their work schedule.

Automated patient engagement tools can help reduce staff burden in a number of ways. Automating the patient payment process can take some of the administrative burden off of staff. Telehealth solutions can help address burnout and staffing issues by allowing patients to schedule appointments outside of traditional office hours. Patient self-scheduling can also help reduce staff burden and no-shows.

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