Patient Payment Trends 2022

Patient Payment Trends

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Patient Payment Trends 2022

According to U.S. Bank, 45% of patients would pay faster if notified by email, text, or phone call. Watch this webinar to see how you can make that happen for your patients easily. Also discussed – industry patient payment data, consumer healthcare payment insights, and solutions for automating the payment process.

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Get Paid Faster & Increase Patient Satisfaction

Payments have become frictionless in many different industries that we all enjoy. However, healthcare still sends paper bills every 30 days to collect when a balance is owed. Patients are quickly becoming consumers that are demanding modern conveniences that mirror other industries. In this webinar we explore the insights and trends to follow, so you can get paid much faster, reduce overhead, and increase patient satisfaction scores.

  • Why is it important to automate patient payments?

  • How are bills most commonly sent to patients?

  • How is patient retention and speed to collect affected?


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