How to Predict Patient Attendance Reliably And Engage Automatically

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How to Predict Patient Attendance Reliably And Engage Automatically

According to a recent study, no-show rates for in-office visits have increased since the worst of the pandemic in 2020. In fact, more than 1 in 3 patients may not show up for their scheduled visits. Register now to learn how to clear $0 appointments from your schedule proactively using AI and automated patient engagement.

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Reduce Patient No-Shows & Late Cancellations

Look at your patient schedule for today. Is your schedule real or full of no-shows?

Join Matt McBride, CEO at Mend, as he demonstrates how machine learning can be used to identify which patients are unlikely to actually attend their appointments and how interventions can be automated to make your schedule real and working for your team again.

  • What is Machine Learning Attendance Prediction?
  • How Does Automated Patient Engagement Work?
  • How Accurate is the Patient Attendance Predictor?

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