How to Master Telehealth Connectivity Easily

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How to Master Telehealth Connectivity Easily

Telehealth connectivity requires a frictionless experience to connect, access to technology with a solid Internet connection, and much more. Learn connectivity best practices, tips, tricks, and more, so your organization can master telemedicine and help as many patients as possible.

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Every Successful Telehealth Program Relies on Strong Connectivity. Is Your Organization Going To Master It?

There are many variables involved in connectivity — workflow, access to technology, bandwidth, devices, browsers, and more.

Are you setting expectations with the patient prior to the visit? Do your clinicians have every detail accounted for to ensure a proper connection? How do users access technical support if needed? What is your plan B if something fails along the way? Join Matt McBride, CEO at Mend, as he answers these questions and demonstrates how you can be an expert in telehealth connectivity.

What are common friction points when patients connect to their providers?

Bandwidth benchmarks and how to improve patient experience.

Connection reports and tips how your staff and clinicians can avoid tedious manual tasks.


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