How to Automate Patient Payments Before & After In-Person or Virtual Visits

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How to Automate Patient Payments Before & After In-Person or Virtual Visits

Digital health in the post-pandemic world is going to revolutionize how patients interact with healthcare organizations and their providers. Do you want to learn how you can automate patient payments in a frictionless, digital experience that improves not only the provider-patient experience but also fills the staffing gaps in your organization?

See why it is important to implement patient payments and digital check-ins easily and efficiently. Plus, take a peek into Mend’s future vision for patient engagement.

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What You Will Find Inside

This guide will walk you through automated payment solutions that can help you get paid faster, reduce overall receivables, reduce or eliminate manual labor, deliver a digital experience, and improve patient satisfaction. Learn how what’s currently available across all appointment types can help your organization:

  • Before the Visit with Copay Collection and Digital Check-In
  • During the Visit with Vital Collections Via Webcam
  • After the Visit with Digital Forms and Payment Collection

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