A Future Vision for Patient Engagement in Healthcare for Patients & Providers

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A Future Vision for Patient Engagement in Healthcare for Patients & Providers

Digital health in the post-pandemic world is going to revolutionize how patients interact with healthcare organizations and providers. What will the future look like for digital healthcare over the next few years? Matt McBride, CEO & Co-Founder of Mend, shares a vision for the digital healthcare revolution.

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This guide will take you through Mend’s vision for future of patient engagement that will arrive much sooner than you think. The digital front door revolution in healthcare begins today. Digital experiences will not start and stop at the front door. Digital experiences will assist providers with automatic documentation of encounters while also handling communication with the patient after the visit as well.

Patients will schedule or modify their appointments automatically. AI reminders will engage patients based on risk scores, so you can help more people. Automated digital check-in processes will collect everything required, even vitals, and move the data into the patient chart.

Provider and patient encounters will be captured automatically by AI. Notes and charting will be fully automated. Language barriers will no longer exist with encrypted devices and software.

Patients will receive follow up surveys after a visit and payment forms will arrive digitally by email and text message. When payments are made, everything will be documented and applied to the correct encounter.

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