7 Must-Track Telehealth KPIs & Benchmark Data for 2023

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7 Must-Track Telehealth KPIs & Benchmark Data for 2023

Telehealth and patient engagement is constantly evolving. Join our next webinar and learn key metrics and data healthcare leaders will utilize in 2023 when measuring the success of their patient care programs.

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Patient Engagement Strategies Should Be Data Driven

Are you interested in how long, on average, patients wait to be seen for virtual visits? Or how well patients rate virtual visits?

Join Matt McBride, CEO at Mend, as he answers these important questions and reviews seven KPI categories, so measuring them against best-in-class standards to help you get a sense of how your telemedicine program stacks up.

What should my telemedicine no-show rate be?

What is an average wait time for Telehealth?

What should patient and provider satisfaction ratings look like?


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