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Enterprise-Grade Patient Engagement for the Healthcare Industry

Easy patient intake & communications, custom in-office and telemedicine workflows, and automated patient payments - optimized with AI.

One Complete Unified Front-end Solution

Mend’s full suite of engagement tools improve how organizations connect with patients using integration, automation, and digital experiences in a single telemedicine platform.

Common Problems Mend Solves Through Our Patient Engagement Platform:

  • No-show rates
  • Uncollected copays
  • Provider capacity and utilization
  • Manual data entry
  • Overhead and inefficiencies
  • Patient experience dissatisfaction
  • New patient lead workflow
  • Front-desk bottleneck
  • Clinical assessments
  • Patient surveys
  • Outcome improvement
  • Government programs
  • Program drop-outs

Boost Business Results

94%Patient Satisfaction Rate

61%Decrease in No-Show Rates
(Against National Avg)

72%Automated Patient Payment
Forms Completed

9%Platform Wide Average
No-Show Rate

86%Digital Forms Completed

94%Visits are Successful

Get to Know Our Telehealth Platform In-Depth

Mend has the most comprehensive suite of patient engagement tools on the planet that all work together to help your organization help more people.

Patient Appointment Reminders

Add smart text, email, and phone call patient appointment reminders to crush no-shows. Mend patient reminders use multiple touches to eliminate the possibility of your patients forgetting their appointments.

  • Automated SMS, email, & voice appointment reminders
  • Conveniently Handle Cancellations & Reschedules
  • EHR/PMS integrated
  • Patient self-scheduling
  • Paperwork sent automatically
  • Fully branded, bulk notifications, calendar invites, and more
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Digital Patient Intake Forms

Patients don’t want clipboards and PDFs to complete their patient intake forms. Mend allows your customers to click a link from your website or via text/email message to complete all their forms digitally from any device.

  • Integrate with your EHR / PMS
  • #1 customer rated for ease-of-use
  • Send almost anything
  • Branded experience
  • Everything else you’ll need or want
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Patient Scheduling System

Make it quick and convenient for patients to schedule or modify their appointments 24/7/365. With patient self-scheduling, your practice can expect a reduction in no-shows and instant growth in revenue.

  • Patient self-schedules from your website
  • Reschedules
  • Triage
  • Appointment types
  • Much, much more
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HIPAA Compliant Telemedicine

Other telemedicine platforms struggle to get patients connected to their visits. With Mend, almost 100% of visits connect without issue in a HIPAA compliant environment. If the patient cannot join the video, you are not able to deliver care. On Mend, visits happen!

  • Mend virtual visits average single-digit no-show rates
  • No special integrated telehealth software downloads for patients to connect
  • Industry-leading 99.85% successful connection rate
  • Instant support available to patients and staff
  • HD connection on a fraction of the bandwidth
  • Patients and providers can be anywhere
  • Any device with Internet can connect
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Seamless EHR/PMS Integrations

Mend offers the latest in Artificial Intelligence and telehealth solutions and trends, enterprise-grade implementation, state-of-the-art infrastructure, and exceptional EHR/PMS integration capability.

  • Epic
  • Allscripts
  • Nextgen
  • Athena
  • Echo Group
  • And hundreds more
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Understand the Impact No-Shows and Cancellations Have On Your Organization

Please Answer the Following Questions

How many Providers do you have?

What is your current No-show Rate?

Revenue lost to no-shows

* Calculator assumes a visit is worth $74 on average.

Monthly Lost Revenue: $77,700
People We Could Have Helped: 1,050
Annual Lost Revenue: $932,400
People We Could Have Helped: 12,600

How Mend Works for You and Your Patients

The patient experience is the most critical part of engaging virtually. If it isn’t simple, patients won’t take part, and you will have invested in a system that doesn’t provide significant benefits to your practice. Logins and special telemedicine software are not required with our platform, so patients can use any smartphone, tablet, or computer to digitize any engagement workflow in your organization.

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    Click a Link To Connect (Patent-Pending)

  2. 22

    Attendance Predictor

  3. 33

    Easy, HIPAA-compliant Video

  4. 44

    Appointment Scheduling, Rescheduling, & Reminders

  5. 55

    Digital Patient Intake Forms

  6. 66

    Full Bidirectional Integration for Automation

  7. 77

    Capture Patient Payments

Mend Testimonials

We are the #1 customer rated patient engagement and telemedicine platform!

It's fast and reliable. It's easy to use and has good quality. Saves time and helps see more patients. It helps the client connection when they are away. It saves time for patients and administrators. It's reliable and fast. Clients state that it's easy to use and like it. The company has worked with it for a few months and we all love it.

Damaris D

Mend is a very user-friendly software that provides secure telehealth options. We use the software on a weekly basis and it has been very effective. We love that the visits are time managed and that the video quality is good. We have had no issues with logging on or connecting in the 8 months of using the software. Increased ability for provider visits from a far.

Christina B

Easy for physician side. The Mend System for HIPAA compliant Telemedicine visits provides me with ease of use. The system tells me if patient has tested their connection. The program tells me how good the connection is based on color-coded bars on the screen. ability to visits when out of the office, evening and weekends. It adds availability to my practice.

John F

We loveeeee Mend! The support reps are great and very knowledgeable. So far I like the fact that is almost self-explanatory; it's user-friendly. It is very easy to teach others because of the ease of use. I have not found any faults with the software. Everything we have used it for has worked and have not had any problems with it. I love the fact that we can not only use if for telehealth but to send documents securely to patients and third parties. I really love that feature because we so often have patients that can't get to our office to bring paperwork or forms we need. The best part is that is HIPAA compliant!

Liza B

It's great that I can use it on the computer, tablet and/or iPhone. I've used all different modalities and usually find iPhone or tablet works great though I do need the computer for complete functionality. The experience is the closest to a life-like face to face call there's no time delay and the image is quite stable for the most part. If I use my iPhone my patients tell me they see me looking directly at them. I love the fact that when my patients travel or when there are snow days I can still see them.

Carolyn S

Overall it has been a really great experience! Easy, and helpful. I like that I don't have to worry about whether I'm crossing any HIPPA issues. And everyone I've talked to at Mend is really nice and easy to work with.

Bethany D

Professional, quick, easy. Easy to use. Easy to navigate the system. It's user-friendly. Easy to teach to the staff. It's easy for scheduling patients. The software is easy to navigate through. User-friendly.

Akilah D

Superior to other services. Ability to self-schedule, ability to communicate with patients via text and email, ability to adjust schedules with very little notice.

Mckenzie H

My doctor is at my finger tips, my patients can schedule on weekends. Forms are so much easier to work with.

Yadira V

Our providers love it! The program does everything we need it to do and more. Our staff love the ease of scheduling and canceling appointments and the potential use of the features.

Sonya B