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Telehealth Billing Made Easy

Telehealth services might be an attractive option for your practice, but the billing part can often seem complex and confusing. This telehealth reimbursement guide covers everything you need to feel confident offering and billing for telehealth services.

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    What Is Telehealth Billing?

    Reimbursement for provider services happens through telehealth billing, but what does it actually mean?

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    Guide to Telehealth Codes and Modifiers

    Do you know the difference between CPT or HCPS code? What about a GT, GQ or 95 modifier? It's vital if you're interested in billing for telehealth.

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    How to Bill for Telemedicine & Telehealth

    Telehealth providers may bill clients in a variety of ways. Learn the differences between billing in-network, out-of-network, and self-pay.

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    Telehealth Reimbursement Chart by Payor

    It's critical to know each patient's health insurance coverage and reimbursement rules, as well as the plan's policy on telehealth billing.

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