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Automatic Patient Payments

As hybrid care models gain in popularity with patients, healthcare organizations need solutions to capture patient responsibility for both in-person and virtual visits, before and after the visit occurs.

Patient payments that are not integrated and automated can create a lot of manual work for staff and are likely to result in uncollected payments or significant delays in accounts receivables.

Mend solves this by creating a digital check-in experience for in-person or virtual encounters. Patients can also store credit cards on file to be charged automatically after adjudication or Mend can send an easy-to-use digital invoice that can be paid electronically.

Patients want modern forms of payment that they can understand and your organization wants to be paid for the services rendered in a timely manner. Mend is your complete payment and patient engagement solution.

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Payments For Any Patient & Any Type Of Visit

Patient responsibilities such as co-pays, self-pay rates, or outstanding balances can be collected automatically before or after an in-person or virtual encounter and recorded in the practice management system.

Instant Patient Billing Post Adjudication

Once a positive patient balance is detected via integration, post adjudication, Mend can automatically bill patient credit cards on file or send a digital form invoice via text and email. Payments are collected quickly and documented automatically in the practice management system.

Automate Patient Co-Pays

Mend's digital check-in process will handle patient co-pays, consents, digital forms, and more automatically for both in-person and virtual visits.

Patients Quickly Pay Post Visit

Patients can be billed automatically with a card on file. Patients can also pay quickly and easily with a digital form invoice. A secure link is sent via text and email, patient enters their DOB, and can conveniently make a payment and store a payment on file for later convenience and use.

Provide An Easy, Modern Experience Patients Will Rave About

To stay competitive, patients want a modern, convenient patient engagement experience. Make payments easy and effortless and you'll get paid faster, every time.

Eliminate Manual Labor

Paying staff to collect co-pays or chase patient balances after a visit is time-consuming and expensive. Selling uncollected payments to debt collectors for pennies on the dollar is expensive and aggravates patients.

“The decrease in administrative workloads coupled with staff's rapid acceptance would have been significant on its own but when you add in the improvement in client satisfaction with the platform there is no comparison.“- Kevin P.

Instant Provider & Patient Payment Support

Mend is #1 customer rated for ease-of-use and customer service. With an average response time of 23 seconds, you, staff, or patients can get instant support early in the morning or late at night.