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Mend Integrations: Attendance Predictor, Telemedicine, Digital Patient Intake Forms, Scheduling, & Appointment Reminder

Mend has many different integration options available depending on the capabilities of that system and the types of integrations it supports.

Mend has full API coverage if you’re looking to build an application on top of our platform. Please feel free to contact us to discuss.

What is the name of the system or vendor you would like to integrate with?

PM/EMR/EHR Vendor Name
A4 nTierPrise Allscripts, Inc.
Abraxas PM / EMR Abraxas Medical Solutions, Inc.
Accu-Care Omnicare, Inc.
AccuMed 2000 Accumedic Computer Systems, Inc.
AcerMED AcerMed, Inc.
AcerMED ASARUM AcerMed, Inc.
ACSMD Acadiana Computer Systems, Inc.
Acumen HIT Services Group
AdaptaMed EMR Adapta Medical, Inc.
ADS Medic II Advanced Data Systems, Corp
ADS Premier Advanced Data Systems, Corp
AdvancedMD AdvancedMD
AdvantaChart CompuMed Systems
AdvantX Source Medical Solutions, Inc.
AdvoCare Medical Plus Rollins Healthcare Data Systems
AestheticsPro AestheticsPro
Agastha EHR & PM Agastha, Inc.
AllegianceMD AllegianceMD software, Inc.
allegiancemd VitalWorks, Inc.
AllMeds EMR AllMeds, Inc.
Allscripts Allscripts, Inc.
Allscripts Document Management Allscripts, Inc.
Allscripts Enterprise EHR Allscripts, Inc.
Allscripts Professional EHR & PM Allscripts, Inc.
Allscripts Vision Allscripts, Inc.
Alpha MCS Mediware
AlphaMED EMR / EHR & PM AlphaMED Solutions, Inc
AltaPoint Chiropractic AltaPoint Data Systems, LLC
AltaPoint Medical AltaPoint Data Systems, LLC
AltaPoint Vision AltaPoint Data Systems, LLC
Alteer Office Alteer, Corp.
Amazing Charts, Inc.
American Medical Software W. David Scott, Inc.
Amicore Amicore, Inc.
Amicore [WEB] Amicore, Inc.
AMPM Apex Business Computing
AOS Automated Office Systems
Appian way Richard A. Craford
Aprima EHR & PM Aprima Medical Software, Inc.
Ariel Arial, Inc.
AS/PC DB Consultants, Inc.
Athena Health Athena Health
Avatar RADplus 2010 Netsmart Technologies, Inc.
Avisena Avisena
BASE/Med SYSTEM Misys Healthcare Systems
BioStation EMR Soren Technology
Brickell Medical Office Brickell Research, Inc.
Care360 Quest Diagnostics
CareCloud PM CareCloud Corp
Carehere! CareHere, LLC
CareLogic Qualifacts
CareRevolutions Electronic Healthcare Systems, Inc.
CareTracker EMR & PM OptumInsight
CarTio MedTrio, LLC
Centricity Physician Office PM GE Medical Systems
Centriq Hospital Solution Healthland
Cerebella Galen Corporation
CGC CGC Southwest Management Services, LLC
CharmEHR MedicalMine, Inc.
Chart Links Chart Links LLC
ChartLogic Medsphere Systems Corporation
ChartLogic Task Technologies
ChartMaker Clinicial STI Computer Services Inc.
ChartMaker Practice Manager STI Computer Services Inc.
CharTs MedTrio, LLC
ChartScape ChartScape
ChartWare EMR ChartWare, Inc.
ChartWare PM Data Strategies, Inc.
ChartX EHR Connect (X) Healthware
Claim Gear XGear Technologies, Inc.
ClearPractice EMR Clear Practice, LLC
Clinical Agent MedAppz, Inc.
ClinicPro Creative Concepts in Communication, Inc.
Cliniflow Henry Schein
ClinixMD Clinix, LLC
ClinixPM Clinix, LLC
CollaborateMD CollaborateMD
ComChart ComChart Medical Software
Companion EMR & PM Companion Technologies, Inc.
CompuKID e-MedRecords, Inc.
CompuMedic Data Strategies, Inc.
Concept Per-Se Technologies, Inc
ConnxtMD PM TeamPraxis, LLC
CoPathPlus Cerner, Inc.
CorrecTek CorrecTek, Inc.
CPR+ Enterprise Mediware Information Systems
Credible Credible
Criterions PM & EHR Criterions
Crystal PM Abeo Solutions
CSC The Complex Medical Suite
CSI Medical CSI Medical Systems, Inc.
CureMD CureMD, Corp.
CyberMED PM Zybex, Inc.
DAQBilling Antek, Inc.
Davita EHR Davita
DermaTrax MedTrio, LLC
digiChart OBGYN EMR Harris
DIGIDMS Digital Compusoft Inc.
DirectorMD Health Communication Systems
doc2MD doc2MD, Inc.
DocAssistant Iton, LLC
DocLinks EMR LIN Software
Doctor’s Office Management System (DOMS) T&E Solutions. USA
Doctors Access Pro PM Doctors Access, Inc.
DoctorsPartner EMR/PM DoctorsPartner, LLC
DocumentPlus DocumentPlus
DOX EMR Dox Podiatry
Dr. Notes DataMed
Dr. Notes Dr. Notes, LLC
DuxWare PM Medical Practice Software, Inc.
e-Medsys PracticeXpert, Inc.
e-medsys TriMed Technologies
E-Record EHR Exscribe
EasyPractice Easy Practice
EBS Easy Billing Systems, Inc
EBSWIN SQL 2K Easy Billing Systems, Inc
eCastAdmin PM eCast, Corp
eCastEMR eCast, Corp
eCeno Practice Management Suite Medevolve, Inc.
eClinicalWorks eClinicalWorks
EchoVantage The Echo Group
Eclipse MPN Software Systems, Inc.
eDerm eDerm Systems, LLC
EdgeMED Innovation for Windows edgeMED Healthcare Solutions, Inc.
EDIMIS Practice Management EDIMIS, Inc.
eHealth Made Easy eHealth Made EASY LLC
eHealthCare eHealthCare Systems, Inc.
eIVF Practice Management PracticeHwy, Inc
Elligence Data Strategies, Inc.
eMDs  PM & EHR eMDs, Inc.
eMEDICALNotes EMedicalNotes, LLC
Encite Clinical Manager Encite, Inc.
Encite Professional EMR Encite, Inc.
EncounterManager Fox Meadows Software, LTD.
EncounterPRO Xcite Health Corp.
EncounterPRO EHR WiFiMed Holdings Company, Inc
Endo Express Cyber Records, Inc.
eNotes eMed Solutions LLC
Entity Nighttingale Infomatix Corp
Eppointments Plus
Experior Experior Corp
EyeCareConnect  Practice Automation Software EyeCareConnect, LLC
EyeCom3 EHR Healthline Systems, Inc.
EZ-Med EZ-Med Systems, Inc.
EZClaim EZClaim Medical Biling Software
EZHealthCare EZ Healthcare Systems, Inc.
FileCenterHC EMR FormRiver, Inc.
FlexMedical PM Oceris, Inc.
Footprints Numara Software
Forté EMR Forté Holdings, LLC
FoxMed HealthTec Software, Inc.
Foxteeth Foxteeth Software, LLC
Freedom Medical Systems Custom Computing Corp.
Gazelle Tech Plus Systems, Inc.
gCare gMed, Inc.
gEHRiMED EHR Geriatric Practice Management
GlaceEMR Glenwood Systems, LLC
globalcentara Provider Global Healthcare Alliance, Inc.
gloEMR gloStream
gloPM gloStream
Goldblatt EMR Goldblatt Systems, LLC
GYNtek MedTrio, LLC
H-Dox EHR & PM H-DOX Bioinformatics Inc.
Harmony PM+B299 Medical Technologies International
HDS Health Data Services, Inc.
HealthHighway Health Highway, Inc.
HealthMatics EMR Allscripts, Inc.
HealthMatics Ntierprise Allscripts, Inc.
HealthNautica HealthNautica
HealthPro Legacy Sage
HealthPro XL Sage
HealthWyse HealthWyse
hellohealth EHR Hello Health, Inc.
Helpcare+ SOS Corporation
Helper PM Netsmart Technologies, Inc
HemOncPro MedSym
HIS-Netsmart Netsmart Technologies, Inc
Ideal Cerner. Inc.
IDX FlowCast Allscripts, Inc.
IDX GroupCast Allscripts, Inc.
iKnowMed EHR McKesson Corp
iMedica EHR & PM Aprima Medical Software, Inc.
IMPACT IMPACT medical Systems, Inc.
IMS Meditab Meditab
InfoCare Practice Manager InfoQuest Systems, Inc.
Inform & Enhance Mentor Solutions
Inform & Enhance Practice Enhancement Specialists, Inc.
inSERVIO Medical Office Solutions, Inc.
InteGreat PM MED3OOO, Inc.
Integrity EMR Eyes by Integrity Digital Solutions
intelleChart Suite MD Intellesys
IntelliDose TxM IntrinsiQ
Intergy Greenway Medical Technologies, Inc.
Intergy EHR Vitera Healthcare Solutions, LLC
IO Practiceware EHR IO Practiceware, Inc.
iPatientCare iPatientCare, Inc.
iRecord MedAppz, Inc.
Kareo Kareo, Inc.
Lauris Online Lauris Online
LeonardoMD LeonardoMD, Inc.
Lifepoint Lifepoint Informatics
LightHouse MD Ingenix
Liquid EMR Liquid Medical Office
Logician GE Medical Systems
LynxPM McKesson Corp
Lytec eMDs, Inc.
Lytec McKesson Corp
Lytec MD [EMR] McKesson Corp
MacPractice 20/20 MacPractice, Inc.
MacPractice DC MacPractice, Inc.
MacPractice DDS MacPractice, Inc.
MacPractice MD MacPractice, Inc.
ManagmentPlus Management Plus
ManagmentPlus HER Management Plus
MARS Ascentt Buissness Systems
MasterMed ABA, Inc.
McKesson Homecare McKesson Corp
McKesson Paragon McKesson Corp
McKesson PP-LytecMD McKesson Corp
MD Advantage Compulink
MD Dictate EMR 3M
MD Office 2000HP HealthCare 2000, Inc.
MD Reports Infinite Software Solutions
MD-NAVIGATOR Benchmark Systems of Western VA, Inc.
MDBase [DOS] MDOffice, Inc.
MDCare EMR Vision Infonet
MDComplete FaciliCorp
MDConnection Elite La Jolla Digital, LLC
MDFlow EMR MD Flow Systems, LLC
MDLand [iClinic]
mdmNextWare mdmNextWare
MDNet EHR/EMR Enable Healthcare, Inc.
MDOffice MDOffice, Inc.
MDPlus ChangeMD, LLC
MDRhythm TechSoft Inc.
MDServe MDS Technologies, LLC
MDServeSQL MDS Technologies, LLC
MDSuite PM Data Strategies, Inc.
MDSynergy EMR & PM MD Synergy Solutions, LLC
Med Easy Med-Easy Software, Inc.
MED2000 / 32 Jamison Business Systems, Inc.
MedAffinity EMR MedAffinity Corp.
MEDamation MD EMR Medamationm, Inc.
MedAnywhere Cerner Physician Practice, Inc.
MedApps EMR MedApps, Inc.
MedBillCorrect ExaMedIT, Inc.
MedComSoft Record [2.0] EMR MedcomSoft, Inc.
MedEase Professional Medical Services, Inc.
Medenet Medenet, Inc.
Medent Medent
MedEvolve MedEvolve
Medex Focus Business Systems
MedFlow MedFlow
MEDfx GBA Health Network Systems
MedGen EHR & PM Comtron, Inc.
MedGre EHR GreenApples MedSystems
Medhost Medhost
Medic Medic Computer Systems, LLC
Medical Application Computer Systems MACS Sai Management Services, Inc.
Medical Director Health Communication Network
Medical Helper Nightingale
Medical Integrated Software Medical Practice Software
Medical Management System [MMS] Systems Design
Medical Manager Greenway Medical Technologies, Inc.
Medical Manager Vitera Healthcare Solutions, LLC
Medical Master PMS CompuService
Medical MasterMind Software Unlimited, Inc.
Medical Office Online Medical Office Online
Medical Republic Medical Republic
MedicalMime EHR Globalone IT, LLC
MedicalPep Premier (PEP) Premier Health Solutions, LLC
MEDiCAT Nuesoft Technologies, Inc
Medicat Xpress Nuesoft Technologies, Inc
MediChart Express Cyber Records, Inc.
Medicrus TriKat Software, Inc.
Medics Elite Advanced Data Systems, Corp
MedicsDocAssistant Advanced Data Systems, Corp
MedicWare EMR ClinixMIS (Formerly MedicWare)
MediMobile Healthcare Intelligence, Inc.
MedInformatix Enterprise PM MedInformatix, Inc.
MediNotes Allscripts (formerly Eclipsys)
Medinotes Medinotes Corp
MediOff Prime Software Solutions Inc
MediSense A4 Health Systems
Medisoft eMDs, Inc.
Medisoft McKesson Corp
Medisoft Clinical McKesson Corp
Medisoft OfficeHours McKesson Corp
MediStar – Greentree Medical Management Office System Greentree Applied Systems, Inc.
Meditab Intelligent Medical Software
MediTalk One Healthcare Solution (formerly Quincy)
Meditech Medical Information Technology, Inc.
MeditLIVE Medical Intuition Technologies
MediTouch EHR HealthFusion, Inc.
MedLedger Health Data Services, Inc.
Medlink EHR Medlink International USA
MedLink iSuite MedLink (Formerly MedAppz)
Medly PM Medical Legal Consulting
MedSense Buffalo Software, Inc.
MedStar MedStar Systems, LLC
MedTeam EMR Trellix Engineering Corp
MedTech MedTech, Inc.
Medtopia MD Technologies, Inc.
MedTouch Medi-Comm Services, Inc.
MedTrak PM MedTrak Data Systems, Inc.
Medtron MEDTRON Software Intelligence Corp.
MedView MedView
Medware Sage
Merge Sentinel Merge Healthcare
MeridianEMR Meridian, Inc.
MicroMD EMR & PM Henry Schein / American Medical Systems, Inc.
Millbrook Practice Manager GE Medical Systems
Misys Excalibur Allscripts, Inc.
Misys Labconnect Allscripts, Inc.
Misys Optimum Allscripts, Inc.
Misys PM Allscripts, Inc.
Misys Tiger Allscripts, Inc.
Misys Vision Informix Allscripts, Inc. HER Medical Communication Systems, Inc.
Mobil MedData EMR Mobil Communication, Inc.
Mobile Med Data Medical Communication Systems, Inc.
Modernizing Medicine Modernizing Medicine
MOMSÂ Â PM DataTel Solutions, Inc.
MOS Medical Office Software, Inc.
MOSAIC IMPACT medical Systems, Inc.
MPM Office, Inc.
MPS Medical Practice Software
Mr Bill ACME Software Company, Inc.
MSI Vision Medical Systems, Inc.
MStar Global Support Systems
MTBC-EMR Medical Transcription Billing, Corp.
MxChart EMR MxSecure, Inc.
My Vision Express Insight Softwae, LLC
MyChartsOnline EMR MyChartsOnline, Inc.
MyWay EMR Allscripts, Inc.
nAbleMD Nth Technologies, Inc.
NaturaeSoft OfficePro NaturaeMed, LLC
NaviNet EMR & PM NaviNet, Inc.
NDCConcept NDC Health Corp
NetPracticeEHR Noteworthy Medical Systems, Inc.
NetPracticePM Noteworthy Medical Systems, Inc.
NexTech Practice NexTech, Inc.
NextGen EHR & PM NextGen Healthcare Information Systems
NueMD Nuesoft Technologies, Inc
Office Ally Office Ally
Office Practicum Connexin Software, Inc.
Office Practicum Visual Data, LLC.
OfficeEMR EMR iSALUS healthcare
OfficeMate© OfficeMate Software Solutions, Inc.
OfficeWare NEXSYIS, Inc.
Omni [V] Omni Medical Systems
Omni Medical Systems Omni Medical Systems
OmniMD Integrated Systems Management, Inc.
OMS Objective Medical Systems
OncoEMR Altos Solutions
One Medical EMR Astegic
One Touch EMR One Touch EMR Inc.
OpenEMR Open Source Medical Software
Optum  EMR Ingenix
Paradyne 8.0 QRS, Inc.
Patagonia Patagonia Health
Patient Chart Intellect – EMR Prime Chart, LLC
Patient Chart Manager Prime Chart, LLC
PatientNOW PatientNOW, Inc.
PBSI PBSI Technology Solutions
PC-ACE Pro32© CGS Administrators, LLC
PCC Physician Computer Company
PCC Physicians Computer Company
PCMS QS Technology
PCN Sage
PDSCORTEX Professional Data Services, Inc.
Peak Practice Allscripts (formerly Eclipsys)
PeakPractice EMR & PM Eclipsys Corporation
Perfect Care for DOS STI Computer Services Inc.
Perfect Care for windows STI Computer Services Inc.
Perfect Care HER NCD Medical
PerfectByte PM PerfectByte
PhyMD Computer Consulting Services, Inc.
Physicians Solution Med Records Alert
Picasso EMR
PineTech Pine Tech, Inc.
PiVoT Practice Velocity, LLC
PM/2 for Windows PM/2 Software, Inc.
PMSGold GBA Health Network Systems
PowerChart EMR Cerner. Inc.
PowerMed PowerMed, Inc.
PowerSoftMD PM (by EasyMed) Data Tech, Inc.
Powerworks Specialty PM Cerner. Inc.
Practice Expert for Windows California Medical Systems, Inc.
Practice Express CCA Medical
Practice Made Perfect K & K Systems Corporation
Practice Management PRO MediServe
Practice Manager 2002 Practice Manager, Inc
Practice Manager X3 Synergy MIS, LLC
Practice Partner McKesson Corp
Practice Partner Physician Micro Systems, Inc.
Practice Point Magna Infotech
Practice Today (PRO) Legacy Press, Inc.
Practice Velocity (PVM) Practice Velocity, LLC
PracticeAdmin PM Practice Admin
PracticeIT PracticeIT, LLC
PracticePoint Manager McKesson Corp
PracticePoint Plus McKesson Corp
PracticePro PM Medical Transcription Billing, Corp. PM/EMR MicroFour, Inc.
PracticeSuite PracticeSuite, Inc.
PracticeVelocity Practice Velocity, LLC
Praxis Infor-Med Inc.
Precision Code Plus MDe Solutions
PRIMESuite Greenway Medical Technologies, Inc.
ProClaim Assertus, Inc.
PrognoCIS Bizmatics Inc.
ProPM Practice Management Prodata System Inc.
ProtoMED Protologics Corp
ProVation EHR Wolters Kluwer Health
ProVision C & S Research Corp
PsychConsult Askesis Development Group, Inc.
PSYtrio MedTrio, LLC
PulsePRO Pulse Systems, Inc.
PVMÂ Â PM Practice Velocity, LLC
QD Clinical Stat! Systems
QSI Quality Systems Inc
QuickPractice PracticePRO Software
Radysans PM Radysans, Inc.
Raintree PM/EMR Cascade Systems
ReDoc Rehab Documentation
Reli Med ReLi Med Solutions
RESource MedSoftware, LLC
RxAdvantage PM ProVision Systems, Inc.
SECUR Practice Management System Midwest Management Consultants, Inc.
SecurityHealthNotes EMR SecurityHealthSystems
SequelMedEPM Sequel Systems, Inc.
SerenityEMR Medical Efficiency Systems
Series 2000 PMS McKesson Corp
SHS Software Stratford Healthcare Systems, Inc.
Smart Clinic Berdy Medical Systems
Smart Practice Sage
Smart System ProSoft Medical
SmartClinic VIPMedicine LLC
SNS Medical Systems MED2000, Inc.
SoapWare DOCS, Inc
SOAPware SOAPware, Inc.
SoftAid SoftAid, Inc.
Spring Charts Spring Medical Systems, Inc.
SRS Freedom Chart Manager SRSsoft, LLC
SRS Soft SRSsoft, LLC
SSIMED Practice Manager SSIMED Corporation
STIX HER Integritas, Inc.
Stratford PM Stratford Software, Inc.
Superior Practice Manager Prosoft Medical Software
SurgiSOURCE Source Medical Solutions, Inc.
SydaMED Sydasoft, Inc.
SynaMed EMR SynaMed
SYSTOC Occupitional Health Resourch
T-System EV T-Systems
TCMS – The Complex Medical Suite Complex Corp
TE TherAssist Software, LLC
Team Charts Concept (TCC) EMR Ulrich Medical Concepts, Inc.
TechCare Naphcare, Inc.
THOMAS (DOS) Genius System Solutions
THOMAS (WIN) Genius System Solutions
TIER PM\EMR Sequest Technolgies, Inc.
Total Practice Partner PM & EMR eMDs, Inc.
TotalMD PM TotalMD
TouchChart Allscripts, Inc.
TouchScripts Allscripts, Inc.
Touchworks PM Allscripts, Inc.
TPS2000 EON Systems, Inc.
Turbo PT 2008 Global Support Systems
ULTRACare [2006] ULTRACare, Inc.
Unicharts EMR UnisonCare Corp
UniEHR Universal EHR Solutions
UroChart Intuitive Medical Software
ValueCharts Spring Medical Systems, Inc.
VantageMed \ RidgeMark VantageMed Corporation
VersaForm VersaForm Systems Corporation
Versyss/Mends ICF Physician Computer Network, Inc.
Viewpoint (ViewPACS/ViewReport) GE Medical Systems
Visionary DREAM EHR CompuGroup Medical
Visionary OFFICE PM Visionary Medical Systems, Inc.
Vista US Dept. of Veteran Affairs*
VisualMD VisualMED Clinical Solutions, Corp.
Vital Monkey EHR Exxemplar EDI, Inc.
VitalWorks [DataMedic] VitalWorks, Inc.
VitalWorks [ProMED] VitalWorks, Inc.
VitalWorks [WISDOM/32] VitalWorks, Inc.
Waiting Room Solutions PM Waiting Room Solutions
Washington Wilson Medical
WebChart Medical Informatics Engineering (MIE)
WEBeDoctor WEBeDoctor, Inc.
WebMD GCX Sage
WebPT WebPT Inc.
Welford Chart Notes MedCom
Wincage Computer Age Dentist
WinMed Professional Complete Medical Systems, Inc.
WinMedStat CompuSolutions
workflowEHR, LLC
workflowPM, LLC
World Wide EMR MD Logic
WritePad Addison Health Systems, Inc.
WRS Health WRS Health
Xpert Practice Manager PracticeXpert, Inc.
Yeats Clinical EMR Medicomp
Zybec Dynamic Healthcare Automation, Inc.
ZyMed Auditron Electronics Corporation
ZyWin Auditron Electronics Corporation

If you do not see your system on the list, please feel free to contact us as new systems are added all of the time.