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KPIs that Matter Most to Healthcare Decision Makers

With numerous platform options on the market today, you need to understand what matters most when selecting a partner for your organization. This white paper contains the KPIs that healthcare decision-makers can apply when researching and evaluating program options. Some of the KPIs that should be acknowledged are the following:

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    Reduced Percentage of No-Shows

    Implementing a smart telehealth and patient engagement strategy reduces the number of no-shows by involving patients in their healthcare - both before and after their visit.

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    Easy Online Scheduling

    The ability for patients to schedule their own appointments online quickly and easily reduces the administrative burden on staff and helps the patient remember the appointment without having to manually record it.

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    High Level of Provider Adoption

    COVID-19 triggered a massive acceleration in the use of telehealth, but the adoption must be met and exceeded for an effective performance record.


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