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Simplifying the Patient Journey

Patients are demanding digital healthcare and want to interact with healthcare organizations in similar ways as other industries. With a simple click or thump tap, customers can have transportation, meals or groceries, and just about any product delivered almost immediately to their precise location.

Provider shortages and burnout are very real problems that we need to address in the shift to value based care that promotes health and wellness.

The future is now. Let’s explore the patient journey together, before, during, and after the visit to see what is in store to transform how care is accessed and delivered.

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    Before the Visit

    How will appointments be scheduled? Where does AI fit into patient engagement? How do we reduce paperwork and simplify check-ins? How will payments be automated? Will we ever see the Star Trek Tricorder?

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    During the Visit

    How will communication barriers be torn down? Can AI handle all of the administrative tasks for providers?

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    After the Visit

    What will patient payments look like after the visit? What does all of this mean for providers?

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Matt McBride
CEO, Mend

Matt and 3 best friends founded Mend in 2014 to help reimagine patient and provider experiences. Mend is one of the fastest growing companies in the U.S. with a #1 rated telemedicine software platform. Mend also offers a complete patient engagement solution that seamlessly spans both virtual and in-person appointments creating a complete patient communication solution for health organizations.

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