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Complex Problems Need Integrated Solutions

Health organizations did a good job in quickly standing up virtual visits in response to COVID-19, but telehealth is just the beginning. Watch our webinar where we’ll demonstrate why healthcare providers must now adopt an integrated Digital Front Door approach in order to gain a competitive market advantage and how to choose the right partner.


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    Ease of Use

    Patients of all ages and demographics must be able to have a virtual encounter.

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    Instant Support

    Real-time technical support, resolving patient or provider issues within seconds.

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    Workflow Flexibility

    Ability to easily replicate your in-office workflows in a virtual environment.

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    Integration Capabilities

    Avoid the need for duplicate data entry from staff with seamless integration.

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    Real costs for using the platform and hidden costs for delaying platform adoption.

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Keynote Speakers

J.D McFarland
Solutions Architect, Mend

J.D. has worked in HealthCare Information Technology for 20 years. He spent the last 6 years as Director of Information Technology for The Centers Inc., a Community Mental Health Center, located in Central Florida. During that time his agency deployed several different TeleHealth solutions. The Centers deployed Mend in October of 2019 and the agency converted to 100% telehealth during the Covid Pandemic.

Experience the Best in Telemedicine

Streamline your internal workflows, automate key patient touchpoints and improve your patient experience with Mend.