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What You Will Find Inside

Have you ever been interested in how long, on average, patients wait to be seen for virtual visits? What about how well patients rate their visits, or what provider satisfaction ratings should look like? Grab this eBook where Matt McBride, CEO & Co-founder of Mend, will review key metrics and benchmark data you can use to measure the health of your telemedicine program.

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    No-Show Rates

    Telemedicine has been shown to reduce no show rates for appointments. But by how much, and what are the factors the best telemedicine programs can utilize to further bring down the rate?

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    Wait Times

    The average wait time for telehealth continues to diminish, but are we starting to see a slowdown? More importantly, are patients satisfied with their wait times?

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    Connection Quality

    Any friction in the process to connect could result in a missed patient encounter, frustration, and even negative online reviews. Learn how the best programs are able to maintain strong audio and video connections.


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