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May 11, 2023

Cambridge Health Alliance Successfully Increases Access to Care with Mend

Cambridge Healthcare Alliance (CHA) is a Harvard Medical School Teaching Hospital located in Cambridge, Massachusetts with health services integrated into the community through primary care, specialty care, programs and partnerships. When CHA partnered with Mend in Spring of 2021, they expressed the importance of working with a patient engagement solution that could be agile to the needs of their unique patient population. CHA’s mission is to improve access to care, particularly for marginalized populations in their community.

133,000 Telehealth Appointments on Mend in the first 6 Months

28% With Mend Notifications in 8 languages, CHA was able to Improve Communication with 28% of their Patients

92% Improved Patient Satisfaction Rating in 8 Weeks

Experience the Best in Telemedicine

Streamline your internal workflows, automate key patient touchpoints and improve your patient experience with Mend.