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A Must-Read White Paper for Healthcare Leaders Seeking Ways to Combat Staffing Issues and Improve AR Days

Healthcare employment has yet to recover from the COVID-19 pandemic when millions of jobs were lost within a very short time period. In addition, nearly half of all American healthcare workers intend on leaving their current role within the next couple of years, leaving healthcare organizations and billing organizations in an even more dire need of more efficient processes.

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    What are healthcare organizations to do when they are unable to find enough employees to meet business needs? How are organizations able to function without reliable means to communicate with patients and bill directly without jumping through more hoops?

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    Patient Self-Service, Automated Reminders, and Automated Digital Forms

    One way automation can help solve healthcare staffing needs is by enabling patients to register, check-in, and schedule appointments on their own. Automated appointment reminders and digital forms can significantly reduce the need for increased staffing, and instead provide integrated patient feedback that is more efficient than ever before. With no-show rates nearly 40% less likely for patients who received reminders, it’s no surprise that more organizations are turning to automation tools.

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    Improving the Payment Process

    It’s become increasingly important for organizations to improve their billing process for patients, in an attempt to make an already stressful payment experience more pleasant and transparent. In fact, 74% of millennial patients reported that they would consider switching providers who had a better financial experience. Find out how automation improves healthcare org to patient communication and reduces the amount of time to collect.


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