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Telehealth Impact Demonstrates Validation on the Future of the Healthcare Industry

The COVID-19 pandemic upended almost every economic sector in some way, but few industries experienced the same level of disruption as healthcare did. This whitepaper examines the impact of telehealth on the American population over the past few years and its prospects going foward. Here are some of the topics reviewed in this guide:

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    Notable Increase in Usage

    Review the American Medical Association's statistics after two years of surveying to determine how well telehealth served patients' needs during the pandemic and their expectations for its use post pandemic.

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    Positive Experiences and Planned Use

    A study performed by Sykes asked over 2,000 Americans for their opinions on telehealth, including the unexpected benefits from the virtual visit process.

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    Ideal Target Markets

    A report by TripleTree presents that opportunities are abound for certain practice sizes, to employers pivoting from the brick and mortar to remote work, to particular markets suited to telehealth services.

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    Top Emerging Trends

    An analysis by HIMMS highlights several key trends worth noting, including use for specific age groups, optimal price points for consultations, and telehealth adoption rates.

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    Recurrent Themes Among Participants

    A study published in the Journal of Medical Internet Research identifies recurring themes among survey participatnts who particpated in virtual visits - experience with technology, quality of patient-clinician engagment, and overall satisfaction with the visit.


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