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New AMA Codes & More

View our On-Demand Webinar, “The Telehealth Landscape: Analyzing New AMA Codes, Parity Effects, and ONC Data Brief Results,” where we will discuss the recent AMA CPT Editorial Panel decisions, including the creation of 17 new telemedicine-specific office visit codes and the deletion of telephone evaluation and management codes. We’ll explore how these changes may impact reimbursement rates, telehealth parity, and billing practices. Additionally, we’ll delve into the ONC Data Brief on the use of telemedicine among office-based physicians, highlighting the rapid growth of telehealth adoption since the COVID-19 pandemic, the challenges faced by patients and providers, and the potential implications for the future of telemedicine. Stay informed on the latest telehealth trends and policies by attending this informative webinar.

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    New Codes

    New telemedicine-specific office visit codes

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    Deleted Codes

    Deletion of telephone evaluation codes

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    Reimbursement & Parity

    Impact on reimbursement rates and telehealth parity

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    ONC Data Brief

    ONC Data Brief on telemedicine usage

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