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Simplfiying the Patient Journey

Healthcare organizations that bring modern experiences to patient engagement are going to accelerate growth, retention, satisfaction, loyalty, and collections. In fact, 60% of consumers expect their digital healthcare experience to mirror that of retail, according to Guidehouse.

Join our upcoming webinar to learn how to dramatically decrease barriers for patients and staff via automating patient payments – across all modalities of care. This is a MUST watch for any healthcare executive planning digital front-door strategies for their organization.

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    Before the Visit

    AI-powered Attendance Predictor and automated/integrated co-payments.

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    Digital Check-In

    Digital forms and web camera AI vitals capture.

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    After the Visit

    Automated post-visit collections and payments via text/email.

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Matt McBride
President & Co-founder

Matt and 3 best friends founded Mend in 2014 to help reimagine patient and provider experiences. Mend is one of the fastest growing companies in the U.S. with a #1 rated telemedicine software platform. Mend also offers a complete patient engagement solution that seamlessly spans both virtual and in-person appointments creating a complete patient communication solution for health organizations.

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Streamline your internal workflows, automate key patient touchpoints and improve your patient experience with Mend.