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When you choose the right technology your patient visits can instantly be streamlined and your primary care practice’s revenue is ultimately increased. Here are some of the methods covered in this guide to help you achieve both goals.

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    Go Virtual for More Types of Visits

    Because virtual visits are often faster, less expensive, and allow you to serve an additional area, this translates to greater income for your clinic.

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    Adopt Digital Intake Forms

    With the ability to fill in all forms digitally with a click of a button, securely (HIPAA compliant), and in various languages, the ideal telehealth platform makes form completion a breeze.

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    Automate Patient Appointment Scheduling

    Patients are able to both Self-Schedule from our site and Reschedule their appointments themselves in a very easy manner. You will find that easier navigation makes a call for 2-8% reduction in no-show rates.

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