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What You Will Find Inside

This guide will take you through Mend’s one-of-kind AI Attendance Predictor and automated patient engagement to dramatically reduce no-show rates. Mend is able to predict attendance and focus automated text, email, and phone reminders on appointments with a higher risk of a no-show or late cancellation to secure confirmation, cancellation, or a reschedule.

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    The Problem

    No-shows don’t just affect the bottom line, they impact outcomes. This guide will walk you through the monetary and patient health impacts. You will be able to review no-show rates by specialty and be given access to a sophisticated ROI calculator to gain insights specific to your own organization.

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    The Solution

    Mend’s A.I. algorithm predicts patient attendance and then modifies engagements automatically with patients based on risk to secure confirmations, reschedules, or cancellations. You will learn the insider details on exactly how Mend’s Patient Attendance Predictor works.

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    And More

    This guide will also address ethical AI concerns in great detail. You will also review accuracy rates and be given significant detail on how patient engagement is used to make your schedule real again.


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