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What You Will Find Inside

Telehealth has brought revolutionary changes to care delivery. The right technology can even prevent no-shows, an especially costly challenge for behavioral health providers. This guide will show you how to use the best tools in telehealth to improve patient attendance. With the right solutions and strategies in place, you can provide care and secure the financial health of your organization.

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    Speed Up Time to Care

    Are your processes standing between you and seeing more patients? Fast and easy scheduling and intake can not only reduce work for your staff, but improve patient access to care as well.

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    Proactively Engage Patients

    What is the most efficient way to keep patient focused on upcoming appointments? Can you even identify high no-show risks before they happen? New digital tools can help you stay one step ahead.

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    Revolutionize the Patient Experience

    Rethink how patients interact with your practice. Provide a welcoming care environment in any location, and educate your patients before a telehealth visit even starts.


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Streamline your internal workflows, automate key patient touchpoints and improve your patient experience with Mend.