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Mend Media

Thrive in The World’s Most Captive, Direct-To-Patient Digital Advertising Platform

Connecting advertisers with patients online the moment it matters most – at their time of care.

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Point-of-Care Advertising is Now Virtual with Mend Media

Million Patients

Get noticed by a captive patient audience when they’re most interested.

Video Visits Per Month

Get multiple impressions across video, banner ads, and sponsored content.

Minutes Per Visit

Take advantage of the average Mend wait time in the Enhanced Virtual Wait Room.

Mend's Telehealth Advertising Solution

Patients engaged at their exact time of care

In 2021, the total wait time for patients amounted to over 19 years combined! Mend’s direct-to-patient advertising solution engages patients with educational video and advertising content while they wait.

Advertising is targeted and expansive

Mend’s curated content engages patients at their exact time of care with targeted, specialty-specific placements.

Flexibility in the length, size & format of ads

Mend’s virtual care delivery system is a completely new direct-to-consumer advertising channel that empowers advertisers to stand out and thrive in their niche.

Multiple advertising opportunities per visit across endless categories

Mend has a patient’s undivided attention for an average of 21 minutes, allowing for educational content consumption and multiple impressions.


What types of advertising opportunities are available?

Advertising with Mend Media is available in 3 different locations: Display video, leaderboard and vertical banners, and sponsored branded content.

What activity does the Mend platform serve annually and/or monthly?

Mend facilitates over 400,000 virtual visits per month.

How many specialties does Mend serve?

Mend serves placements across over 100 specialties.

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