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Augmented Intelligence meets the best in Behavioral Telehealth & Engagement

At Mend, our mission is to make access to mental and behavioral healthcare convenient for all. We have partnered with Eleos Health to transform daily processes for clinicians, enabling them to not only optimize virtual care delivery and quality, but also alleviate the burden of session documentation for providers conducting virtual appointments.

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The Mend Platform


Includes patented one-click for patients, enhanced virtual waiting room, picture-in-picture (PiP), and built-in auto-dialer & translation services. Watch no-show rates fall from 30-40% to single digits for virtual appointments.

Digital Patient Intake

Mend allows your customers to click a link from your website or via text/email message to complete all their forms digitally from any device and in any language. This includes digital patient check-in and payment capture for pre-visit co-pay and post-visit patient outstanding balances.

Patient Self Scheduling

Includes our custom-branded front-end design embedded into your website. When patients schedule their own appointments, we see a major increase in appointment and care-plan adherence.

“Mend provides the flexibility in workflows and integrations to support our virtual behavioral health programs. Mend will continue to assist in automating other repetitive tasks for additional margin expansion as we scale.” - Ben Adams, Chief Digital Officer at Cyti Clinics

Eleos Health & Mend Partnership

Eleos Health users can now access Mend telehealth sessions directly from the Eleos Health dashboard. Mend offers a leading suite of tools, comprising Patient Self-Scheduling, Digital Patient Intake & Check-In, Patient Payments, and Telemedicine. These tools have demonstrated a remarkable 90% patient engagement rate, while reducing no-show rates from double digits to an average of 7.6%.