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Category Archives: Pediatrics

How Telehealth is Improving Behavioral Health Care Outcome in Our Children

November 23, 2020

Behavioral health providers have been utilizing telehealth for some time now, but one particular group has demonstrated an especially positive impact—our children. There is some preliminary evidence that videoconferencing offers advantages for the youth and adolescents, including less self-consciousness, increased … Continue reading

Children with Autism Benefit from Telehealth Services

June 29, 2018

For patients on the Autism Spectrum, finding the right balance of treatment and social interventions can be difficult, especially for families located in rural communities. Recent studies have shown that outcomes for these patients improve when telehealth programs are implemented … Continue reading

Implementing Telemedicine Into Schools Drives Health Outcome Improvements

April 6, 2018

Adding telemedicine technology to schools leads to improved health outcomes for students, according to recent studies. Many children in American public schools have limited access to medical treatment due to poor transportation, difficulty coordinating with parent schedules and lack of … Continue reading